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Glass vials - more environmental friendly than plastic vials

A glass vial is just one of many of the different kinds of vials that we manufacture. We has been manufacturing high quality glass vial products. We have several types of glass vials: injection, crimp top, medicine, perfume sample, and serum. Glass vials can also be used for medication. Medications can come in three forms: liquids, capsules, and powders. There are single dose vials that legally can be used once while there are also multi-dose vials that can be used more than once.
Although glass vials are more expensive to produce than plastic ones, yet the quality of glass vials is so much better. Glass vials provide the best sample integrity. This is very important especially when it comes to scientific research. By using glass vials scientists can minimize waste. Many times when plastic vials are disposed of it can be not just an environmental hazard but also it is a health issue as well. Most of the time the personnel handling plastic vial waste have no knowledge of the contents that were once stored in it. This can be a very unsafe situation. Glass vials are reusable and can be sterilized by placing them in heated autoclaves. This is a clear indicator that glass vials are a more environmental friendly than plastic vials which can sometimes be improperly stored. Glass vials may not be as in expensive and durable as plastic ones but they do have longevity. There are two noticeable disadvantages. The first one is that glass vials cannot be recycled. The second disadvantage of glass vials is that they are subject to being broken.
We not only do we produce the traditional clear and frosted glass vials, but we also manufacture them in cobalt blue and green. There are 3 words that we live by: quality, reliability, and integrity. We can offer customized glass vials. All of our products are manufactured within industry standards. We look forward to your business. To get your customized glass vial order started to contact us.

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